Three Plate Cooking Top

The Prenox Electric and Gas Three Plate Cooking Tops’ surface is made from a thick plate of mild steel that provides indirect heat when cooking. This allows for even, consistent and less intense heat which is ideal for foods that require long, slow cooking.

Gas 800 mm LPG
5 kWh Per Burner. 18000 BTU
Ignitor: Battery
3 Burners
800 700 300
Electric 800 mm 380 V
3 Phase Plus Neutral
9 kW, 40 Amps
14 Amps Per Phase
800 700 300


  • Three separate fl at hot plates made of 15 mm mild steel.

    Separate heat control for each plate.

    Gas unit: controlled by a Hi-Lo gas control valve with safety cut-out.

    Flame failure safety device secures all gas units.

    Electrical unit: Thermostatically controlled with safety cut-out.

    Stainless steel recessed control panel prevents accidental adjustment of the controls.

    High splash guard with rounded corners.

    Tops can be fi tted on any base and in any combination.

    Base stands have aluminium height-