Electric Boiling Tops

Electric Boiling Tops (also known as a stove or hob) supply direct heat when cooking. The Prenox Electric Boiling Tops are designed so that the heat can be changed and controlled with ease.

Usage Variations

Base with Doors
2 Plate 400 mm 220 V
Single Phase Plus Neutral
4 kW, 2 kW Per Plate
400 700 300
4 Plate 800 mm 380 V
3 Phase Plus Neutral
8 kW, 2 kW Per Plate
800 700 300
6 Plate 1200 mm 380 V
3 Phase Plus Neutral
12 kW, 2 kW Per Plate
1200 700 300
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  • Electric Boiling Top is available in 2 Plate, 4 Plate and 6 Plate confi gurations.

    The Ø225 mm round hot plates are regulated by means of 6-setting switches.

    Manufactured from 304 stainless steel with a 2 mm thick working surface.

    6 mm Thick steel plate under the cooking surface to support heavy pots.

    Stainless steel recessed control panel to prevent accidental adjustment of the controls.

    High splash guard with rounded corners.

    Tops can be fi tted on any base and in any combination.

    Base stands have aluminium height-