Oven Bases

The Prenox Electric Oven Base utilises a fan to circulate heated air in the cooking chamber. Food warms faster in a convection oven as the moving air strips away the thin layer of cold air that would otherwise surround and insulate the food. By circulating hot air over the food, convection ovens operate at a lower temperature than standard, conventional ovens and cooks food quicker. The air circulation, or convection, also aids in eliminating ‘hot spots’ resulting in even baking. Compared to a conventional oven, a convection oven reduces cooking temperatures by up to 25% and reduces cooking time by approximately 21%.

Electric Oven Base 800mm Single Phase Plug-In
2.8 kW, 12 Amps
4 Trays or Grids
GN 1/1 530 mm x 325 mm
800 700 620
Gas Oven Base 800 mm 20,000 BTU 4 Trays or Grids
4 Trays or Grids
800 700 620


  • The Oven Base can be used to support the full range of Modular 700 Series Tops.

    Designed with stainless steel rounded corners for easy cleaning.

    Door and handles of stainless steel.

    Oven Base is available in electric and gas.

    Electrical Unit: Thermostatically controlled.

    The Gas Oven Base has a gas controller valve and safety cut-out device that is regulated up to 340 °C.

    An Ignitor with pilot fl ame for lighting and safety.

    Base has aluminium height-adjustable feet.