Prenox invests in upliftment of young South African pastry chefs

Hundreds of students to benefit from newly installed Prenox pastry kitchen at HTA Culinary School of Art

Local Industrial catering equipment supplier Prenox have shown commitment to the upliftment and development of young South African chefs by installing a state of the art pastry kitchen at one of the foremost culinary educational facilities in South Africa, the HTA School of Culinary Art in Randburg, Johannesburg.

A dedicated space fitted with all of the required cooking and baking equipment and kitchen smalls has been created, the perfect match for the teaching of this specialized skill. The kitchen includes energy saving induction hobs, 2 specially made baking ovens and a proofer as well as fridges with marble table tops for pastry, chocolate and sugar work.

Pastry work is a dedicated field with only one or two truly credible pastry schools serving the whole of South Africa. Because of this, there are not many locally trained pastry chefs within the industry. “There has been an increasing demand from the industry and the school leaver market for an institution that can teach these skills in a field where opportunities are rare. This kitchen has been installed to further improve the already extensive current curriculum on offer at the HTA School of Culinary Art and will benefit hundreds of students in the years to come,” says Stephen Billingham, Managing Member of the HTA School of Culinary Art and President of the South African Chefs Association.

Prenox, the company that identified the gap in the industry, also a dedicated sponsor of Culinary Team South Africa, was the perfect choice to supply kitchen equipment for the pastry kitchen as their unique modular range has the flexibility to be tailored to fit any given space. “We are proud that our kitchen equipment will help educate and inspire up and coming chefs to create  delicious and distinctive pastries and deserts, and take these skills into whichever area of hospitality they move into in the future” says Ingrid Johnson, Client Service Manager at Equipment Design & General Engineering (Edge) which manufactures Prenox products.

Prenox’s involvement with the pastry kitchen will not end here, but will continue through their participation in course material particularly regarding the design and layout of kitchens, with prizes being awarded for related assignments. In addition, a field trip to the Prenox factory is being arranged for all students to enable them to see what goes into the actual design and manufacture of specialized industrial kitchen equipment.

Professional cookery, like any skill, requires an element of creativity and is an art and requires a very hands-on approach. “HTA has a strong philosophy of transferring knowledge to learners in the theoretical components, and also to enable them to master the practical implementation of cooking. This is particularly relevant when mastering the art of pastry cooking and we are very grateful to Prenox for installing this remarkable facility,” Billingham says.

The HTA School of Culinary Art, which was established in 1999, qualifies approximately 500 chefs per year into the industry in the form of full time and part time study, in-service apprenticeships and industry based training modules. The school recently achieved international recognition from the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) with the issuing of their Recognition of Quality Culinary Education Award. The school has also been awarded 12 National Culinary Awards since 2005, and eight students have represented their country as members of Culinary Team South Africa over the last decade.


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