Gas & induction cooking - Hostex 2010

86AA6A24-EC33-AA50-A1BF56CBCCF92DD1Prenox took part in the "Green Hotel" at Hostex Cape Town, where an entire Hotel was created, all furnished with only eco-friendly equipment and supplies.

Our 10 Pan Gas Convection Oven and Induction Cooking Tops were on show and attracted much interest.

In addition to significant cost savings, gas stoves are also more energy-efficient than electric ones.  The heat source is 100% gas generated, with only a 220V connection required for the Electronics and to turn the Convection Fan.

Induction cooking is based on magnetic fields which induce heat in the steel cookware placed on top of it.  Induction provides extremely fast heat and is over 50% faster than gas or electricity and therefore more energy efficient.

So, lower your utility bill and help to protect the environment!

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