Prenox renews sponsorship of culinary team South Africa - May 2010

86B584E2-0ED4-7D38-15E8779F4245649DRecent SACA Newsletter Release:

"The South African Chefs Association is pleased to announce that Prenox has renewed their sponsorship of the Culinary Team South Africa for the next 3 years, covering the run-up to the Culinary Olympics taking place in Erfurt, Germany 2012.

Chef Bruce Burns, manager of the Culinary Team SA says: "We are absolutely thrilled that Prenox has come on board to support the Team again for the next 3 years! Their sponsorship had a great deal to do with our Team winning a gold medal in 2008 and we look forward to doing them proud in 2012."

Ingrid Johnson of Prenox Catering says. "We are exceptionally proud to be the kitchen equipment supplier of choice for the Culinary Team South Africa and we wish them all the best"