Prenox chosen for “salon de culinaire”

BA0339E7-BC9F-9490-2C35FF61B6C42E2DTrevor & Dilene Boyd recently started a Culinary Studio in Fourways Johannesburg and chose Prenox products for their kitchen.

The team were introduced to Prenox via their sponsorship of the Culinary Olympics in 2008. Both Trevor and Dilene were part of the team that won gold that year.

"Most of our achievements have been in what the competition fraternity call a “Salon Culinaire” — meaning “the culinary arts”. We found it only fitting to give our company the name Salon de Culinaire in honour of the tremendous benefits the world of cooking competitions has afforded us.

We pledge to entertain all our culinary requests with dignity and respect and will, at all times give 100% in executing our required duties."

Prenox supplied and installed the Tilting Pan, Boiling Tops, 4 Pan Convection Oven, 2 Deck Baking Oven and various work tops.  We wish Trevor and Dilene every success in their new business venture.